The Quotationist loves quotes. She collects them like shells or buttons or pennies in a jar. Admires (adores, crushes on) the way other writers can tie a string of words together into something so true or deep or dark or lovely that the words linger long after she closes a book (with a sigh) or clicks away from the page where she found a new favorite quotation.

Her devotion is true and lifelong. She stashes quotes all over the place – in a couple of Moleskines, in leather journals and cheap drugstore tablets, in folders on her computer, on scraps of paper tucked in drawers and boxes. The words are branded with names you’d recognize – Whitman, Goethe, Rumi and Rilke are among her favorites – and maybe a few you won’t. She’s spent more time than she cares to admit just taking long, deep drinks from these bottles that never seem to go empty. See why she loves them so?

So The Quotationist decided to share her stash with you, one at a time (that’ll teach you patience). It was bound to happen. She couldn’t keep something so delicious to herself.


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  1. Slow Panic says:

    I love this site — how did I not know this was happening.

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